French Press Coffee House | Franchise
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Join up, and help us grow!

At French Press, we are always looking for exceptional partners who want to help us grow and expand to more successful locations and establish our brand as the local coffeehouse of choice. Investors and future franchisees can help contribute to our growth.

Step 1: Can you meet the requirements?
Do you meet the minimum requirements. We ask for a net worth of $500K and liquid assets of $100K.

Step 2: Apply
You fill out the applications forms

Step 3: Evaluation
We review your application, financial papers, credit information and background. If you meet the requirements, we will call you.

Step 4: Phone Interview
Our managers will interview you. If you meet the requirements, we will schedule a face to face meeting.

Step 5: Award Notification
Within a week, we will notify you of your franchise availability. You will then have 45 days to sign a contract.

Step 6: Franchise Agreement
You meet with us to sign your franchise agreement, pay franchise fees and schedule orientation.

Step 7: Pre-Opening
You follow our instructions on how to open your location. We will provide training and consultation to find a location, obtain financing and equipment for your location.

Step 8: Onsite Training
You train at one of our locations. Training includes 10-day onsite instructions concerning the logistics and day-to-day operations of a French Press Coffeehouse.

Step 9: Opening Your Coffeehouse
One of our owners or a district manager will be available to aid you with your store’s opening.